Procedure Time

30 minutes (estimated)

Used to treat

To burn fat and build muscle mass

Areas treated

Abdomen, Buttocks, Arms, Calves, and Thighs

No Needle

Numbing cream if requested

Full Recovery

No Downtime

EMSculpt Neo

EMSculpt Neo London

What if we told you that you could reshape your body in a matter of weeks?

EMSculpt NEO UK is leading the way in body sculpting technology, we’ve helped
hundreds of clients achieve their dream body by eliminating stubborn body fat AND toning muscle at the same time.

Offering the best prices in London and with fast results, book a free demonstration
with our experts and start your journey to a better body

What is EMSculpt Neo

Revolutionising the way body shaping is delivered, there is no technology more advanced or unique than EMSculpt NEO London.

Combining two therapies – radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity electromagnetic (HIFEM) – into just one session for a double-pronged approach to achieve enhanced fat reduction and muscle growth in less time and for less money than any other single gold-standard procedure.

Clinical studies have seen a 25% increase in muscle volume and 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat.

No needles and no anaesthetic mean no downtime or disruption to daily life – NEO EMSculpt is a treatment you can fit into your lunch break.

Difference between EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo

Emsculpt vs Emsculpt NEO – what’s the difference?

EMSculpt NEO UK is latest advancement from its predecessor, EMSculpt. Both
treatments focus on eradicating stubborn fatty deposits whilst simultaneously
building muscle mass.

Both EMSculpt and EMSculpt NEO are FDA-approved and deliver high-intensity
electromagnetic pulses (HIFEM). EMSculpt NEO packs an extra punch by adding radiofrequency (RF) energy into the mix. This uses heat energy to cut through and
destroy fat stores, making it a more intense treatment.

This additional element to the treatment is what makes it a world-first, setting it apart from any other non-surgical body-sculpting treatment on the market.

For patients with less fat to lose, EMSculpt will do the trick but for patients with more stubborn fat who need maximum efficiency, EMSculpt NEO ticks the box.

How long does EMSculpt Neo last

To achieve long-lasting results, we recommend a minimum of 4 sessions, taken 5-10 days apart.

As your body works through the process to break down the fat, you can expect to see results from 6-8 weeks after your last treatment – this does vary between clients.

To prolong your results, EMSculpt NEO London is most effective when part of an overall healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise and good nutrition to maintain a stable weight.

Without regular exercise, muscle tone naturally diminishes over time and an increased calorie intake will cause you to regain fat lost.

Lifestyle is a critical factor so after 6-12 months, you may find that maintenance is required.

How does EMSculpt Neo work

Applicators or ‘paddles’ are strapped to the treatment area and simultaneously emit synchronized RF and HIFEM energies.

The radiofrequency heating raises the muscle temperature by several degrees. This prepares muscles for exposure to stress – like a warm-up before a workout. In less than 4 minutes, the temperature in subcutaneous fat reaches levels that cause apoptosis, i.e., fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body over time and through a natural process.

HIFEM energy reaches the muscle below the fat and forcing the muscle fibres in the area to contract at an intensity that can’t be achieved during your average workout. Extreme stress forces the muscle to adapt, resulting in an increase in the number and growth of muscle fibres and cells.

NEO EMSculpt also works to tighten skin by removing the fat and strengthening the muscle tone.

The result is a sculpted and toned look without any need for surgery or medical

Can EMSculpt Neo really help build muscle

The dual technology allows us to target muscle in way that was not possible before. A 30-minute session of EMSculpt NEO UK can trigger the muscles to contract at a rate that’s equivalent to 24,000 crunches or squats – imagine trying to achieve that by yourself!

30+ scientific publications make HIFEM the most intensively researched body
contouring technology since its introduction as EMSculpt in 2018.

Whilst a powerful treatment to destroy fat, slimmer patients who have less fat to lose can enjoy reshaping, strengthening and toning the muscle and whilst also keeping stubborn fat at bay

How does emsculpt neo reduce fat

The radiofrequency heat technology in EMSculpt NEO London really supercharges
fat loss results.

Heating up the layers of fat causes the cells to break down permanently whilst also boosting blood supply to the muscles in the area – which are simultaneously
contracting with the HIFEM technology. The muscle contractions aid in fat loss and the additional blood supply helps muscles to build back faster and stronger.

NEO Emsculpt results can be seen in a matter of weeks, as the body naturally
excretes the dead cells.

Is emsculpt neo for me

If better body composition is your goal, then NEO EMSculpt is for you.

Tailored to your personal needs, this 2-in-1 procedure can shrink stubborn fat and
improve muscle definition at the same time. So whether you’re more motivated by fat loss or more interested in muscle growth and definition, the combined benefits work hand-in-hand to produce extraordinary results that are quick, painless and

If there’s a large amount of excess fat in your desired treatment area, you may
benefit from taking part in our Weight Management Programme beforehand.

Book a free consultation, which includes a demonstration, with our team who can guide you on the best course of treatment.

EMSculpt Neo step by step

EMSculpt NEO couldn’t be an easier or more convenient treatment.

  1. Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with one of our EMSculpt NEO London specialists who will discuss your requirements, take you through the procedure and answer your questions. You’ll get a tour of our clinic and a demonstration of the technology.

    Can’t make it to an in-person consultation? No problem, this stage can be conducted over the phone.

  2. No pre-preparation is required from you so just simply turn up on the day. Your personal therapist will make you comfortable in one of our luxury treatment rooms and apply the NEO EMSculpt applicators to the treatment area.
  3. Relax for 30 minutes as the EMSculpt NEO technology goes to work. Throughout the treatment, it’s likely you’ll feel muscle contractions and some intense yet tolerable heat sensations. No EMSculpt NEO downtime means you can get straight back to business as usual.
  4. In the days after the treatment, you may feel like you’ve had an intense workout – this is completely normal. All the while your body is working away in the background to break down fat cells and flush them out via your metabolic and lymphatic processes.

Why choose London Beauty Clinic for your EMSculpt neo in London

London Beauty Clinic is one of London’s elite aesthetics clinics committed to raising the standards of the beauty industry. The expertise among our work force is unparalleled, you’ll find some of the best aesthetics doctors in the UK all under one roof.

Above all else, the needs of our patients are at the heart of what we do and our quality of care is second to none, supporting your personal journey from the moment you walk through our doors right through to completing your aftercare and beyond – we’re always here to help.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients are saying on Trust Pilot.

EMSculpt Neo treatment areas

Certain areas on our body are more prone to accumulating stubborn fat that’s tricky to get rid of through exercise and diet alone. This is normally due to lifestyle, genes, sex, age or hormones.

Our EMSculpt NEO London device has 3 applicators, which means we can effectively target your ‘problem’ areas. The main areas we treat are:

  1. Abdomen
    Applicators can be applied to the lower and upper abdominal area, to blast
    away fat and provide more definition. We regularly see patients who have
    developed a ‘pouch’ post-Caesarean and clients who want to achieve a
    ‘snatched’ waist.

  2. Buttocks
    Looking for a bubble butt? Sculpt, lift and tighten the gluteal muscles whilst
    also strengthening this muscle group, improving athletic performance.

  3. Arms
    The infamous ‘bingo wings’ – there are several reasons why accumulating fat on the upper arms can occur: extreme weight loss, poor muscle mass and natural ageing to name a few. As well as burning fat and toning muscle, you can add ‘skin tightening’ to the list of benefits provided by EMSculpt NEO London.

  4. Legs
    Slimming down legs is maybe one of the most common complaints from our patients. The area includes ‘inner thighs’ as one treatment area and ‘outer thighs’ as another. As well as thighs, we’re able to target calves too.

  5. Hips
    Affectionately known as ‘muffin-tops’ or ‘love handles’, it’s a love/hate
    relationship – whilst loved by many it’s also an area we’re critical of when it comes to our own body shape – these fatty deposits are notoriously hard to shift. No need to fear, we’ve seen fantastic results in shrinking stubborn fat here.

EMSculpt Neo Before and After

After EMSculpt Neo

We know that seeing is believing and that a picture can say a thousand words.
Here’s a gallery of some of the fantastic results our patients have achieved through
this dynamic treatment. How can you achieve similar results with EMSculpt NEO
London? Book a consultation to find out.

EMSculpt Neo Price

As with all our treatments and services, an initial consultation and demonstration with
an expert is free of charge, we want you to feel confident before you commit.

Our EMSculpt NEO treatment cost is £399 per 30-minute session, which can treat
one area – for example, inner thighs would count as one area. Your personal
therapist will develop a treatment schedule with you but in most cases, 4 sessions
achieves the best results.

Make sure you check out our ‘Special Offers’ page which is updated monthly with
discounts and cost-saving packages that combine treatments to really boost results.

We pride ourselves on making EMSculpt NEO London prices accessible to all.

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That’s right, double the sculpting power for the price of one. Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?

Look no further than EMSCULPT NEO!

Book A Free EMSCULPT NEO Consultation today.

We believe that your skin is an investment, not an expense and that healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness.

EMSculpt Neo Reviews

We’re proud to have received 100% 5-star reviews on Trustpilot earning our clinic a status of ‘Excellent’. You can feel confident and assured that you’ll receive the best care from the most experienced practitioners in the field. We really know our stuff.

EMSculpt Neo with other treatments for major results

NEO EMSculpt is just one of our body treatments on offer. As specialists in the EM technology range, we also offer EMSculpt, EMTone and EMS & RF Sculptor – each treatment has unique benefits. All without the expenses or risk of surgery.

By booking a free consultation, our expert team will advise you on which treatment will deliver the results that YOU want for the best price.

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